Equality and Diversity


Athena SWAN Champions


Along with the University Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, faculty and school departmental champions are now in place to promote Athena SWAN within their Departments. They work with the local Self-Assessment Teams or Equality and Diversity Committees to develop departmental submissions and action plans and to oversee action plan delivery. 


University Athena SWAN Champion

Matthew Weait, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences



Creative and Cultural Industries

Faculty Champion - Jane Chandler

Portsmouth School of Architecture - Pam Cole, Phevos Kallitsis

School of Creative Technologies - Jenn Feray, Jane Steventon, Searle Kochberg

School of Media and Performing Arts – Laurel Forster 

School of Art and Design – tbc



Faculty Champion - Jan Shute

School of Biological Sciences – Alessandro Siani

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences – Jim Smith

Department of Geography – Laura Cunningham

School of Health Sciences and Social Work – Chris Markham

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences – Sabbir Ahmed

The Dental Academy - Jo-Anne Taylor, Leanna Wynne

Department of Psychology - Bridget Waller

Department of Sport and Exercise Science - Clare Eglin



Faculty Champion - Lynsey Plockyn

School of Civil Engineering and Surveying - John Williams

School of Computing - Rich Boakes

School of Engineering - Jovana Radulovic

Institute of Cosmology - David Bacon

Department of Mathematics - Mateja Presern


Portsmouth Business School – Liza Howe-Walsh


Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty Champion - David Andress

School of Languages and Area Studies – Ann Matear

School of Social Historical and Literary Studies – Patricia Shamai

Institute of Criminal Justice Studies – Jacki Tapley

School of Education and Childhood Studies – Lexie Scherer