Equality and Diversity

Equality Impact Analysis (EIA) 

The Equality Act 2010, replaced around 100 statutory requirements within a single Act. It also consolidated and streamlined the law, expanding the six "equality strands" into nine "protected characteristics" and replacing the previous Equality Duties with a single General Equality Duty.

The Act requires that the University shows due regard to eliminate discrimination, promote equality and foster good relations between people where possible. In practical terms this means the University must consider the effects on equality in everything that it does. This specifically involves considering equality impact on all University activities, including policy, procedure and functions, and eliminating negative impact such activity could have on particular groups.

The legislation affects all staff and students. However, committee members, heads of service, policy owners and people making regular decisions relevant to equality are most directly affected.

To deliver this requirement the University uses  Equality Impact Analysis (EIA). 

Key EIA documents:

Equality Impact Analysis (EIA) Guidance (.pdf)

EIA Template (.doc) 


Further guidance and support on conducting EIA's

ECU Briefing on conducting EIA's on restructuring and redundancy (.pdf)

ACAS guide to EIA (.pdf)


Should you require further guidance or support around this procedure please contact the Equality & Diversity Manager dave.small@port.ac.uk