Equality and Diversity



Did you know…


  • The Equality Act 2010 is significant to all carers and can be applied through direct discrimination by association with someone who has a ‘protected characteristic’ within law such as in relation to disability.
  • The Carers’ Act 2015 duty to promote wellbeing extends to carers and is the driving force behind this new legislation. The new legislation with its emphasis on prevention means that carers should receive support earlier before reaching crisis point.
  • In the 2013 University Staff Survey 23% of staff indicated they had a caring responsibility, 74% of carers felt the Univeristy recognised and supported their needs as a carer.
  • According to the NUS report into student carer’s experiences, Learning with Care (published in 2013):
    • it was estimated that carers made up to 3 to 6% of the student population
    • the majority of student carers (as are carers in general) are women
    • mature students are more likely to be student carers
    • only 36% of student carers felt able to balance work, study and family/relationship commitments
    • 56% of student carers had seriously considered leaving their course
    • 60% of students carers were combining paid work, caring and studying
    • 15% of student with caring responsibilities had experienced mental health difficulties


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