Equality and Diversity

Supporting Students

Below are sources of advice, guidance and research relating to student equality and diversity. It is hoped that the resources contained on this page will provide staff with useful and practical support, but also that the information relating to research provides a rich insight into the specific challenges faced by our diverse student population here at Portsmouth and the impact that has on their student experience. Whilst these resources offer tips and will enhance your understanding of the diverse student body, equality and diversity remains a complex area. For this reason, if you have any specific equality and diversity related questions or concerns, please contact us.



Mature Student Experience, UoP Report

Never too Late to Learn, ECU, 2012



UoP Student Carer Guidance

Learning with Care, NUS Study

State of Caring Report, Voice of Carers UK

Sandwich Carers: Combining childcare with caring for older or disabled relatives, Carers UK. 2010



No Place for Hate (Disability), NUS Publication, 2012

Life, Not Number: A report into the experiences of disabled students in higher education, NUS, 2011

Strategic Approaches to Disabled Student Engagement (Case Studies), Equality Challenge Unit, 2010

Disability services: supporting international students,ECU, 2013

Understanding adjustments: supporting staff and students who are experiencing mental health difficulties, ECU, 2014



That’s What She Said, NUS Report

Hidden Marks, NUS 2nd edition Report

Male Students: Engagement with academic and pastoral support services, ECU, 2012


International Students:

Attracting international students: equitable services and support, campus, cohesion and community engagement, ECU, 2010

International students’ services supporting gay students, ECU, 2010



Out in Sport (LGBT Students’ Experiences of Sport), NUS Report, 2011

Challenging Homophobic Language Guide, Stonewall

Experiences of LGBT staff and student in HEI, ECU, 2009

Advancing LGB Equality, ECU, 2012



Pregnancy and Parents:

UoP Guidance for Student Pregnancy

Meet the Parents, NUS Report

EHRC Pregancy and Maternity Discrimination Research



No Place for Hate (Race), NUS Publication, 2011

Race for Equality (Report of experiences of Black Students in Further and Higher Education, NUS Report

When Education Isn’t Enough, Runnymede Trust, 2014

Black Students Must Do Better Than White Students To Get Into University, Runnymede Trust

Improving the degree attainment of Black and minority ethnic students, ECU, 2011


Religion and Belief:

Religion and Belief policy, UoP

Religion and Belief in Higher Education: The experiences of staff and students, Equality Challenge Unit



Gender Reassignment and Trans Equality Policy, UoP

Stonewall Trangender Resource



The Equality Action 2010: Positive action through busaries, scholarships and prizes, ECU, 2012

Embedding Equality in Student Services, ECU, 2014

Promoting good relations on campus: a guide to higher and further education, ECU, 2013