Equality and Diversity

Staff Equality Monitoring - Why are we asking and why is it important?


It is important to the University to understand and gain a better understanding of how employees from all different backgrounds are being treated at work, and one way we do this is by gathering and analysing equality monitoring data (that is information such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and belief). Knowing the composition of our workforce helps the University to invest in the required support and facilities and also to address issues of under-representation, equity of treatment and opportunity.


Equality monitoring information has previously helped us to identify and make positive changes to improve the experience of some staff groups. Examples of positive changes include development of better prayer facilities, staff network development, transgender and disability awareness training and positive action measures in recruitment and staff development. Without equality monitoring information we would not know whether our policies are working or whether the benefits we promote across campus are inclusive.


There is still, however a significant proportion of the staff equality monitoring information that is either missing or incomplete. If you are a member of staff at UoP we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to update or complete your equality monitoring profile through the HR Self Service System.


Access to the information you provide is restricted within HR to only those members of staff who need it for their work, in order to ensure confidentially. An individual's equality information in not visible to managers/supervisors. The information we collect will only be used for statistical analysis and it will not enable individuals to be identified. All information held by HR is managed in line with the Data Protection legislation.


We do recognise that for some people the information we ask you to provide may be sensitive and that some staff may not wish to share this with us at this moment in time, so there is a "prefer not to say" option to all questions. It does, however, help us to better understand staff experiences if people can complete as much of the information as possible.


To review and update your equality monitoring information, please access the Employee Self Service System, go to personal and open the link entitled sensitive information.


More information on monitoring can be found in the Stonewall Guides "Whats it Got to Do with You?" and Don't Ask Don't Tell, as well as the Equality Challenge Unit guide "Developing staff Disclosure".


The latest guidance from ECU on monitoring Questions (updated August 2017)


You may also contact equality@port.ac.uk if you require any further information about how the University uses your information for equality monitoring purposes.