Equality and Diversity

Disabled Staff Network

The Disabled Staff Network exists for all staff with a 'long term illness, disability or infirmity that affects their everyday life or the work that they do'. It is the longest-running of the University's staff Networks and has its own elected chair and vice-chair. It aims to meet quarterly, although it takes a break during the summer vacation.

The forum is intended to:

  • Provide an opportunity the disabled staff to seek and provide mutual support
  • Provide a networking opportunity the disabled staff across the University
  • Contribute to and monitor the formulation, implementation and effectiveness with University policies and strategies that might impact upon disabled persons; and
  • Help formulate, advise, feedback on and – where appropriate – participate in University initiatives to encourage greater representation of disabled people in all walks of university life
  • Report to Equality and Diversity Committee in respect of disability-related matters

We are currently in the process of re-establishing this group. In the meantime please feel free to email the Equality and Diversity Team should you have any questions regarding the network or any of our work around disability inclusion.