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Car Share Scheme

Follow links for carsharing/directory of groups/University of Portsmouth to find colleagues offering or seeking carshare opportunities.

You can widen your search to other local business groups which include Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth Hospitality NHS Trust if you wish. There are significant incentives for staff participating in carsharing but at least 2 existing permit holders would have to relinquish their permits to qualify.

  • 2 people - 0.1% of salary each (⅓of current cost)
  • 3 people - 0.05% of salary each

Transport Services Co-Ordinator x2805

In 2008 the University was appointed by First Bus as an agent to supply annual Bus passes to our staff at a discounted price.

The scheme has proved to be very popular and the discounted monthly price has remained competitive over the past seven years.

Currently a Hampshire pass will cost £38.50 and a Portsmouth pass will cost £32.50 per month and payment is deducted via a persons salary.

For more information on how the First Bus scheme works, please contact the Logistics Manager within the Transport Office on Ext: 2808.

Application form for First Bus annual ticket [Word (.doc) - 37KB Thu, 30 Apr 2015 14:22:00 BST]