Estates and Campus Services

Campus Services


"To enhance the quality of the student experience and to meet the needs of the University community and its visitors through the provision of cost effective facilities and hospitality services."

Departments in Campus Services

  • Catering Services
    Catering Services provides high quality food and excellent service in two restaurants, five coffee shops as well as extensive vending and hospitality services.

  • Conferences & Lettings
    Whether it's a period style guesthouse just 250 yards from the seafront, or apartments adjacent to a nature reserve, Conferences and Lettings look forward to meeting your accommodation needs.

  • Residential Services
    There are 3000 Halls rooms arranged in three clusters located in Southsea, Langstone Student Village and in the Guildhall Campus. Information and contact details for these services can be found on these pages.

  • Student Housing
    Student Housing's aim is to help all students to find the right home and look after their housing needs throughout their time at University.

  • Student & Neighbour Liaison
    This service is all about developing and sustaining links between the local community and the University and all associated with it, including students and staff.

  • Safer Students
    This service is focused upon engendering positive engagement with  practical crime prevention methods and responsible crime reporting throughout 'University' and 'Local' Communities.

Contact Campus Services

All extension numbers are to be preceded by +44 (0)23 9284 for external calls.

Catering Services

Events (general enquiries) - 3691
Events Manager - 3733
Email -

Conferences and Lettings

Reception - 4884
Fax - 4848
Email -

Student Housing

Reception - 3214
Fax - 5900
Email (General Enquiries) -
Email (Student/Neighbour Liaison) -

Residential Services

Systems - 3156
Operations - 3611
Fax - 3182

Guildhall Halls
(Bateson / Harry Law / Margaret Rule / Trafalgar / James Watson):
Reception - 3880
Fax - 3868

Langstone Student Centre:
Hall Porter / Reception / Fax - 4529

Rees / Burrell Hall:
Hall Porters / Reception / Fax - 5123