Estates and Campus Services


The aim of the Electrical Section is the safe and reliable provision of the services that the team are responsible for with minimum inconvenience to building users.

The Electrical Section is responsible for the design, provision and maintenance as appropriate throughout the estate of:

  • Electricity supply at the correct tarrifs
  • High Voltage 11,000 Volt distribution sytems
  • Low Voltage 415/240 Volt distribution systems
  • Sub circuits to lighting, power and specialist equipment within and externally to building
  • Internal and external lighting and power
  • Electric heating systems using direct and storage heaters
  • Electric passenger, goods and disabled lifts with either hydraulic or traction mechanisms
  • Internal and external cable management systems
  • The installation of structured data wiring
  • Intruder alarm systems with automatic sensors and remote signalling of fire conditions
  • CCTV systems with local and remote control and recording linked to local authority, public and police systems with proper policies for control and distribution of images
  • Central control room for monitoring, recording and management of CCTV,Security and Fire Systems using a computerised alarm handling package
  • Monitoring of electricity supplies to buildings and building consumption using Ease II software and remote connections

Consultants, Contractors and Specialists are employed by the electrical team as required due to work load and or the nature of the work to be undertaken.

Howard Davis

Electrical Services Manager