Estates and Campus Services

Engineering, Maintenance and Management

Within the mechanical section of the Estates Department, we are responsible for the operation maintenance and development of plant equipment and services associated with the built environment.

Our long term aim is to provide the users throughout the University with comfortable working conditions whilst at the same time minimising our impact on the global environment in terms of energy consumed and control of pollution.

At the core of our operational strategy is the Satchwell BAS 2800+ Building Energy Management System which incorporates the latest technology and software. This allows us to control and monitor plant operation and status from a central location at our Guildhall Walk offices which ultimately provides an efficient and focussed response to faults and breakdowns.

In our approach to maintenance we use a proven combination of in house staff, supplemented by specialist sub contractors and currently have a schedule of maintenance for all plant and equipment throughout the University.

Alan Breeze
Mechanical Services Manager