Estates and Campus Services

General Information

Definition of Works

  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Long Term Maintenance
  • Rechargable
  • Capital

Repairs and Maintenance

These works comprise all aspects of the built estate that break and wear out, excluding Long Term Maintenance. Currently, anyone in the University can report faults and request repairs and maintenance. The procedure for so doing can be found on the Repairs and Maintenance page. A large proportion of this category is planned maintenance generated by the Estates Department.

Long Term Maintenance

These works comprise specific maintenance contracts that have been identified by the Estates Department as being required to bring the estate up to an acceptable level of condition. Projects are scheduled over a number of years and prioritized by urgency of need and amount of funding available in any given financial year.


These works comprise those items specifically requested by Faculties and/or departments and which they will fund. All types of work are catered for from minor items such as putting up shelves etc, to relatively major adaptions and redecoration. The procedure for requesting such works can be found on the Rechargeable Works page.


These are one off contracts generated by the needs of the University strategic plans and funded centrally. They generally comprise new build or major refurbishment projects but can also include a number of smaller projects brought together to enable a series of events to take place. Such events could include departmental relocations requested centrally which would require alteration and adaption works in a number of locations.

Details may be found on the Capital Works page.