Estates and Campus Services

Capital Works

Capital works are major new build or refurbishment projects generally driven by a strategic need of the University.

In most circumstances an external design team will be appointed by the Estates Department to undertake the design and contract administration of the project. A member of the Estates Department team will be appointed as Client Representative who will act as the liaison between the design team and the University.

An internal Client Representative will need to be appointed by the Faculty or Support Service for whom the works are being undertaken. Responsibilities of the Internal Client Representative are:

  • This representative will need to be given the authority to take decisions on behalf of the Internal Client and act as a single point of contact for the Client Representative and design team. He/She will also participate in the preparation of the Design Brief. This is a key document that states all the requirements of the end users and is therefore a key document to the design team and the ongoing success of the project.
  • To attend design team meetings throughout the design phase and liaise with colleagues to ensure that the ongoing design fully meets your brief.
  • Take an active part in the financial management of the project including any value engineering exercises that may be undertaken.
  • Sign off the drawings and specification upon completion of the design phase. User changes cannot be considered after this point except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Atend site progress meetings during the construction phase of the project.
  • Prepare for the task of occupation of the new/refurbished facility. This will require detailed planning and organisation amongst your colleagues with specific attention to fit out and removals.

Eldon West BREEAM Project Summary