Estates and Campus Services

Rechargeable Works

Historically, when rechargeable works have been required direct contact has been made with any one of a number of the Estates Department staff. However, in an effort to provide a more efficient service please lodge initial requests with the helpdesk on ext: 6677 or any of the other methods outlined on the Repairs and Maintenance pages. This will then enable the appropriate member of staff to be allocated the job. On most occasions the relevant member of staff will contact you to obtain further and more detailed information.

For minor jobs such as putting up shelves or notice boards etc, an estimate is not normally provided unless specifically requested. A cost code will be required against which the works can be charged.

For more major works such as redecoration or revised office layouts etc, an estimate will be provided and you will be asked to provide a written (or e-mail) instruction together with an appropriate cost code.

It should be borne in mind that some works may require planning permission or building control/fire officer approval and therefore sufficient time should be allowed for this in your planning process. Advice regarding this can be obtained from Carolina Spoor.

It is important to remember that for health and safety and consistency reasons no works can be undertaken direct by departments. All works must be carried out via the Estates Department.