Estates and Campus Services

Repairs and Maintenance

We have set up a Helpdesk on ext. 6677 that should be used to report faults and request repairs and maintenance. This service should also be used to request rechargeable works. The Helpdesk is manned from 08.30 until 17.15 Mondays to Thursdays and 08.30 to 16.15 on Friday. Outside of these hours a Voicemail answering service operates directing callers to the Lodge on 3418 for emergency items. Alternatively you can leave a message which will be dealt with on the following working day. An email facility is also available, Helpdesk.

How to report a fault or request repairs and maintenance

Whatever method is used to report a fault etc, please ensure that as much information as possible is supplied to enable a more efficient service to be provided. Specific information that is required is listed below:

  • Who you are and your phone number
  • Where the problem/job is. Please specify building,floor and room/door number and/or estates reference number if known
  • What, if any, access limitations exist
  • What the nature of the problem is. Please provide as much clear information as you can
  • Is the problem an emergency, urgent or routine (see definitions below as a guide)

You will be provided with a job reference number that you should note down. You will not recieve written notification of your job request unless it was made by voice or email when you will be notified of the job reference number.

Your report will be allocated to the relevant member of the Estates Department team who will either allocate it to a tradesman or contractor as appropriate. If necessary you will be contacted to clarify details or to arrange a convenient time to meet with you.

There are currently no agreed target response times for the fault rectification or indeed a strict method of measuring performance. However, as a guide the following categories and times may be used:

  • Emergency: Investigate and make safe as soon as possible, restore or provide temporary facilities within 24 hours
  • Urgent: Investigate and make safe as soon as possible with repairs being carried out within 5 working days
  • Routine: Schedule works into department work programme and normally complete within eight weeks

Please note that to enable us to achieve the above we need your support in operating the procedure outlined and providing the most accurate information possible. The intentional incorrect categorisation of problems to achieve an earlier response time will only lead to a general degredation of the service for everyone. The department receives approximately 300 reports/requests each week so, understandably, it is not possible to respond to every call immediately.


As mentioned above, it is easy to feel that your particular problem is an emergency but there is the obvious need to be carefull in determining priority in order that we can manage our workload as efficiently as possible. The following guide should be used to categorise your request:

Emergency work is resolving a problem that is an immediate threat to the health and safety of people, buildings and equipment.

Examples of emergency work are:

  • a gas leak
  • someone trapped in a lift
  • a major flood
  • a fire

An urgent job is resolving a problem which is a threat to the general welfare of people, property or equipment, or which causes significant disruption to the business of your department.

Examples of urgent work are:

  • loss of heat
  • loss of lighting and or power
  • major water ingress
  • loss of sanitary provision

Routine work is non-essential and can be planned to occur at any time to suit the client.

Examples of routine work are:

  • new keys need cutting
  • putting up shelves
  • repair of minor damage