Estates and Campus Services

Property Records and Database

The Estates Department operates two corporate systems supporting the maintenance of the University's estate in both Help Desk and Work Order Tracking.


This is the maintenance system at the heart of our operation and provides the main support for our Help Desk, Work Order tracking, preventative maintenance, time logging and asset management.

Requests to our Help Desk are passed electronically to our supervisors who prioritise and allocate the work to the appropriate tradesmen. When jobs are complete, details of materials and time are entered back into the system for subsequent analysis and financial processing.


Details of all space owned by the University are held in the Archibus database, which is linked to digitised plans held in an AutoCAD database. The space database is used to provide statistical returns to the Funding Council and is the basis of calculations for space charging, while the AutoCAD plans are maintained to provide up to date details of room and floor layouts, as well as design changes for refurbishment.

Each year a validation exercise is carried out to ensure that space is correctly assigned to departments, and throughout the year amendments are made to reflect changes in ownership, room use, door numbers and areas of rooms. The department's link with Space Management ensure consistency of data between Archibus and Facilities CMIS, the University's timetabling system.