Purchasing Information

Purchasing Guidance Notes

In accordance with the Financial Regulations, official orders in a form approved by the Vice Chancellor shall be issued for all work, goods or services required by the University, including those funded from research grants and other external sources.


Orders may be placed to an amount not exceeding £500 without prior authorisation of the Purchasing Department but approved suppliers must be used. These orders may be phoned through to a supplier and are know as "Confirmation Orders". Where it is necessary to use a non-approved supplier, order a service or supply in excess of £500, approval must be sought from the Purchasing Department. In all cases, however an Official Order Form shall subsequently be submitted.

Invitations to quote/tender

The number and form of invitations to tender is to be related to the estimated value, inclusive of VAT of the Contract as follows:

Contracts below £4,999: Competitive quotes shall be sought at the discretion of The Purchasing Section.

Contracts between £5,000 - £25,000: Three formal written quotes will be sought by The Purchasing Section.

Contracts between £25,000 - £180,000: Official written Tenders shall be invited from at least three well established and reliable sources. Where possible University of Portsmouth approved suppliers shall be used. In cases where it is deemed to be advantageous to accept the tender of a non-approved supplier, this supplier will be subjected to the University's standard checks and procedures prior to the placement of any official order. If more competitive tenders are a likely result, in excess of three tenders are to be invited wherever the Purchasing Section advises this is likely to be beneficial.

Contracts over £180,000: Tenders shall be invited through an official advert being placed in the "European Journal" publication (OJEU). This procedure will be carried out through the Purchasing Section. This amount varies according to the regulations. Please contact the Purchasing Section at the earliest opportunity to ensure compliance with the regulations.

More extensive purchasing pages are available for internal staff on the Intranet.