Please take a moment to read the following before you complete the form.


What is Direct Debit?

By completing and signing the Direct Debit Instruction, you are giving the University of Portsmouth permission to collect your fees from your nominated UK bank account according to the published instalment plans.  You can now set up your Direct Debit on-line or by telephone. 


Can I use any bank account?

Unfortunately not.  You cannot use a savings account for the payment of Direct Debits.  If in doubt, please ask your bank to confirm that your account is suitable for processing this type of transaction.  All the information you require to set up the Direct Debit can be found in your cheque book or debit card, so please have this to hand when you complete the form. 


Can anyone fill in the form for me?

You cannot submit the form electronically if you are not the bank account holder, so, if your parent or other 3rd party is paying for you, he/she will need to complete & submit the form. Or, if more than one person is required to authorise debits on the account, a paper form must be completed.  Paper versions of the form are available from the Finance Department – please call 023 9284 5533.


How does it work?

Once you have submitted the form to the University of Portsmouth you will receive an email confirmation by return.  Once the application has been approved, we will pass the instruction electronically to your bankers within 3 working days.  Your bankers will apply the instruction to your (or the payer’s) account.  We will also send a confirmation letter to the payer detailing the instalments and due dates for collection.  The Advance Notice letter will be sent no later than 10 working days before the 1st collection is due.  


What can I pay by direct debit?

You can pay your Tuition or Accommodation fees by Direct Debit instalment. It may be possible to pay other types of fees, i.e. Nursery or Fieldwork.  Please contact us on 023 9284 5533 for guidance

Please remember that Direct Debit is subject to approval from the University’s Finance Department and your bankers.


What happens if a mistake is made?

Please read carefully the Direct Debit Guarantee shown below.   No changes will be made to the amount or frequency of collection, without sending another Advance Notice to you. 


What next?

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit instalment and would like to continue with the on-line set up, please close this window and continue using the on screen prompts. 


Any problems?

Should you encounter any difficulties in completing the Direct Debit instruction form or need to discuss any issues with us, please contact the Finance department on 023 9284 5533 or by writing to address below.


University of Portsmouth

Finance Department

University House

Winston Churchill Avenue