UK Students - Tuition and Accommodation fees.

Discounts due – tuition fees only

If you pay your tuition fees in full at the beginning of your course, you may claim a 2% prompt payment discount. You will receive an invoice by email shortly after your course start date. To claim your discount you should pay the net amount (ie.98% of the invoice total) before the due date shown on your invoice.. For details of current tuition fees, discounts and policies please click here. If you are unsure of the amount to pay and would prefer not wait for your invoice, please contact the fees team at who will be able to confirm your fee for you.

The most efficient way to pay is by credit/debit card or PayPal, click here

To pay by bank transfer click here

To set up a Direct Debit Instruction or Recurring Card Payment Instruction do not enter any fee amounts on the next page as you are just setting up the plan at this stage. If you'd like to use this method for Tuition and Accommodation fees, you are required to complete two separate instructions. - click here

Your payment plan will be sent to you by email following receipt of this instruction. This could take a few days. When completing an instalment instruction, please note that clicking "Pay Now" at the end of this process does not take money from your account. This only happens if you have chosen the option to pay immediately.

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