Green Portsmouth

Green Meetings

You can help reduce our carbon emissions and our costs by using videoconferencing and teleconferencing.  When arranging meetings in person, book an appropriately sized room so the space doesn't use heating or lighting uneccessarily.


Videoconferencing facilities are located in St Andrews on the 3rd floor.  To book, call Service Desk on x7777 or email

Use hangouts on Google+ from your own desk - with or without video.

Use Skype or Webex, depending on what your department has approved for use.

Meeting Outdoors

Studies on the benefits of being outdoors indicate that a dose of nature can boost self-esteem and creativity, so why not hold your next meeting outside?  Ravelin Park is in range of eduroam Wi-Fi.

Catering your meeting

Please don't order disposables – they may be cheaper than china when you order them, but the University has to pay to dispose of them.  They use resources unnecessarily, and can't always be recycled.