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Display Screen Equipment Online Training and Risk Assessment


The Health and Safety Office provide online Display Screen Equipment training and risk assessment.

The objective is to provide computer users with training in accordance with Health and Safety legislation, Approved Codes of Practice and HSE guidelines.

The target audience is all University of Portsmouth members of staff who are computer users.

The duration to carry out the online training is approximately 20 minutes in total and a quiz then needs to be completed.

The online DSE training can be accessed here. It will take you to Moodle and ask you to log in. It will then open a page asking you to self enrol. Once you click self enrol the training home page in Moodle will load. Please follow the instructions from there. Training will not be registered as complete unless both the course and quiz have been finished. If you have any queries/issues concerning access, please email

This training needs to be completed every 3 years or sooner if your circumstances change. i.e: new computer equipment, new furniture (desk/chair), change in location/building, change in desk setup.

If you have any queries or require any further information, please email or ring the Health and Safety Office on Ext 3264.


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Charlotte Downs in Health and Safety is the administrator for this package. You, as the individual need to take responsibility for resolving your Display Screen Equipment concerns. If you are unable to resolve any concerns yourself you should then discuss them with your immediate line manager in the first instance. If your manager is unable to resolve concerns then you or they may contact the next relevant department, eg Information Services, Health and Safety or Occupational Health.