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It is a legal requirement (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) that employers must provide appropriate information, instruction and training to employees, during their normal working hours, about the fire precautions and the fire equipment in the workplace. Confirmation of how the University responds to these specific requirements is shown below in our FAQ section.

For access to the Online Fire Safety Training please follow this link to Moodle. You will then be asked to log in to Moodle. A page will load with a self enrol button. Once you click this it will then take you to the training home page in Moodle. This training comprises of a course and an assessment. The training will not be registered as complete unless both elements have been completed.

For assistance with the Online Training please contact


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should the on-line Fire Safety training be completed?

The on-line Fire Safety training should be refreshed every 3 years or sooner if your circumstances change. i.e: if you move buildings/area within the building.


  • Who should be trained to use fire extinguishers?

If extinguishers are installed, people should be trained to use them effectively and safely. The University of Portsmouth has trained Security and Caretakers to use fire extinguishers. There is "awareness" information in the online training and the University's policy is "Only ever use an extinguisher if you are competent to do so and without putting yourself at unnecessary risk."

  •   Who is responsible for carrying out Fire Risk Assessments?

One or more competent persons must be appointed, to carry out any of the preventive and protective measures required. A competent person is someone with enough training, experience and knowledge to be able to implement these measures properly. A Health & Safety Office member of staff has been appointed and appropriately trained to carry out fire risk assessments. The Health & Safety Office liaises with staff from other departments to ensure the measures are implemented properly.

  •  What information should the University provide me regarding Fire Safety?

Employers must provide employees with clear and relevant information on the risks to them identified by the fire risk assessment, about the measures taken to prevent fires, and how these measures will protect them if a fire breaks out. The Health & Safety Office liaises with Departments regarding these risks and their communication. Preventative measures are covered in the online training.

  •  Who is responsible for arranging fire drills and training for Fire Marshals?

Employers must consult employees about nominating people to carry out particular roles in connection with fire safety and about proposals for improving the fire precautions. The Health & Safety Office provides training and liaises with Departments regarding Fire Marshals and Fire drills.

Fire evacuation drills are organised by the Fire Liaison Officers in conjunction with Estates and Campus and Services. The fire evacuation drill will be recorded on the Estates Plan On system which subsequently issues a work order, twice a year, before the drill is due to take place. This gives the Fire Liaison Officer time to ascertain a convenient time to run the drill and confirm this with the Estates Helpdesk. No drill will go ahead without confirmation from the Fire Liaison Officer.


  • Why does the Training states two separate contact numbers on discovering a gas leak?

The training takes into account potential gas leaks involving compressed gas (which should be treated as an emergency) and natural gas (which should be investigated by Estates).

If you suspect a compressed gas leak call Security 3333 and contact the technicians in that area. These situations are rare and the technicians in the area have been suitably trained to deal with these instances.

If you suspect a natural gas leak please contact Estates on 6677. If you are unsure contact Security on Ext 3333.