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First Aid Training Programme

Training is organised through the Health and Safety Office, contact All first aid courses must be accredited by the HSE.
To become a First Aider: 3 day First Aid at Work Training (On completion of this course, you will become a University First Aider and receive an allowance)
To Re-certify: 2 day First Aid at Work Re-certification course taken after 3 years.
To become an Emergency First Aider: 1 Day Emergency First Aid Training


Skills Workshops - Workshops are open to all First Aiders who wish to practice unused skills or discuss relevant First Aid topics. All First Aiders should attend one workshop within the 3 year period between courses as part of the Annual Refresher Training.  A certificate will be issued on completion of the workshop. 


Related Training - (recommended by the Health and Safety Office)

Accident Reporting -  To enable staff to understand and appreciate the importance of the University’s Accident Reporting procedures.  To ensure accurate completion of the necessary forms.

Anaphylaxis Awareness and Epi-Pen Training - To enable trained first aiders to understand the symptoms of anaphylaxis and administer an Epi-Pen in situations that require them.

AED Training - To familiarise trained first aiders with the use of University Defibrillators


To book on any of the above courses email: