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If you have a first aid related question you would like answered please email: Please put 'First aid FAQ' in the subject line.


  • Who is responsible for restocking our First Aid Box?

It is the department's responsiblity to restock the First Aid box. For suggested contents of a First Aid Box please refer to the HSE. Please ensure all First aid supplies purchased are latex free especially plasters.

  • How many First Aider's should there be in my department?

Guidance on  numbers of First Aider's can be found on the HSE document First Aid at work.  The Health & Safety office maintain a First Aid Needs Assessment document  - please contact the for further information.

  • What do I do if I require a paramedic/Ambulance?

If you require a paramedic/Ambulance, please call 3333. See click here for more information

  • Our first aid boxes are blue not green. Is this ok?

Depending on where you have bought your first aid boxes from will affect what colour they are.  The colour does not matter, what is important is that the boxes are easily identifiable as a first aid box and that the contents meet requirements of the HSE.

  • Do halls of residences need to provide first aid supplies for the students as well as staff?

As this is a First Aid at Work policy the boxes only need to be stocked sufficiently for staff.  This is different from the academic buildings as this is also the students place of work.

  • How often should the contents of first-aid boxes be replaced?

Although there is no specified review timetable, many items, particularly sterile ones, are marked with expiry dates. They should be replaced by the dates given and expired items disposed of safely. In cases where sterile items have no dates, it would be advisable to check with the manufacturers to find out how long they can be kept. For non-sterile items without dates, it is a matter of judgement, based on whether they are fit for purpose.

  • Do the provided Resuscitation Face Shields contain Latex?

The St Johns Ambulance Resuscitation Face Shields provided at the First Aid Refresher Sessions do not contain latex

  • What should I do if someone suffers an eye injury?

If someone suffers an injury to their eye, the first aider should advise them to seek medical attention as soon as possible

  • What should I do if someone suffers a injury involving chemicals?

If someone suffers an injury involving chemicals and needs to be transferred to hospital. Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) for that chemical should be taken with them to aid the medical team. This needs to be considered as part of the COSHH assessment before the work begins.

  • As a First Aider, am I allowed to administer an Epi-pen to a casualty?

The use of an Epi-pen to treat anaphylactic shock is prescribed to be self administered. The first aider's role in this situation is limited to helping them do so and contacting the emergency services as appropriate, unless specifically trained to administer it on their behalf. If you would like training in this area please contact

  • I have been asked by the University to be a first aider.  Am I insured?

Please refer to the University's Liability Insurance webpages

  • With the new waste disposal system in the University, how do I correctly dispose of Clinical Waste?

The waste should be put into the yellow clinical waste bags which are kept in the First Aid boxes.  Please see TGN MS05: Hygiene Guidance for First Aiders for disposal methods.

  • What first aid supplies will I be provided with?

When you complete your first aid at work course, the Health & Safety office will issue you with a Hygiene pack to help with your first aiders duties. The contents of this pack are as followed:

HSE Booklet: Basic advice on first aid at work, a pair of Nitrile Gloves, a bio-hazard waste bag, St Johns Face shield (for rescuitation), two anti-bacterial and anti viral wipes to be used in accordance with TGN MS05: Hygiene Guidance for First Aiders and an apron.

Extra first aid equipment including the contents of your first aid box is the departments responsiblity to keep fully stocked.

  • Where do I get replacements for my Hygiene pack?

For replacements for your Hygiene pack please contact the Health & Safety Office on

  • Will my first aider role be affected by pregnancy?

This is entirely an individual decision. As long as you are happy to remain being a first aider, no further action is necessary. However, if you feel your pregnancy is affecting your ability to be a first aider you can talk to your manager about a referral to Occupational Health or alternatively, you can temporarily step down so you would not need to attend first aid incidents.