Human Resources

Health and Safety

First Aid (3 day)

Course leader

University of Portsmouth

Target audience

Members of staff who have been identified to become a First Aider at Work.

Aims of the workshop

To gain the required qualification to be a fully qualified First Aider at work as set by the Health and Safety Executive

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending, participants will:
Define First Aid. State the Aims of First Aid. State the contents of a First Aid Box
Explain the importance of accident reporting
Diagnosis various illnesses, injuries and conditions
Know the Responsibilities of the First Aider
Explain and give examples of Priorities of Treatment
Demonstrate Action in an Emergency including Secondary assessment
State the Principles of Resuscitation and demonstrate effective resuscitation
Identify Problems during Resuscitation
Define and state causes of Asphyxiation
State and demonstrate Disorders of Circulation
Demonstrate effective bandaging for various Wounds and Bleeding
State how to Control Internal Bleeding, Nose bleeds and Penetrating Chest Wounds
Explain how to Prevent Cross infection
Explore Disorders of Consciousness, diagnose and treat accordingly
State treatment for Epilepsy and Diabetes
Muscular/Skeletal and spinal injuries - Burns  - Eye injuries - Poisons
Hypothermia / Heat Exhaustion – Heat Stroke

Other staff development opportunities relevant to this topic

Manual Handling – particularly useful for staff in Caretaking and Library Services roles but may be relevant to any member of staff.

Working at Height – for staff routinely required to work off ladders etc. 

Health and Safety on Field Trips and Educational Visits – targeted at academic and support staff who are or will be involved in organising and/or leading field trips. 

Portable Appliance Testing – for staff in technical roles.

Further information about all of the above staff development opportunities can be obtained from the Health and Safety Office, St Andrew's Court – see: