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Workplace & Work Equipment Safety

The multi-disciplinary nature of our University means that staff regularly fulfil a myriad of tasks in a single day. It is part of the University's duty of care to ensure that every member of staff can safely complete their job. This, in turn, reduces the risk of accidents and instances of work-related ill-health. The activities in this section include Driving, Manual Handling and Working at Height (Hyperlink).

The University is required by law to provide appropriate work equipment that is fit for purpose and maintained properly. One of the measures undertaken by the University to meet this requirement is Portable Appliance Testing. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) sets out legal specifications for the safe use of work equipment. Staff responsible for work equipment must make certain that the equipment is safe by:

  • Considering the potential Health & Safety risks before purchasing equipment
  • Risk assessing
  • Adhering to any manufacturer instructions, guidance and/or maintenance plans/schedules
  • Regular inspection/user checks by competent persons
  • Training
  • Ensuring equipment meets necessary national and international standards e.g CE marking

CE Marking  Electrical equipment or equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must be CE marked and have an accompanying Declaration of Conformity. The CE mark is an acknowledgement by the manufacturer that all European Union Directives associated with the product have been conformed to. However, since this is essentially a ‘self-assessment’ by the manufacturer, it cannot be assumed that the product is safe or suitable for the intended use. Therefore, it is essential that appropriate checks are made with regards to the suitability of the product as well as the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier. The University has a list of approved companies. These are listed on the Finance Department webpages.

Work Equipment that is not safe should not be used and should be removed from the work environment as soon as possible. Equipment should only be operated by staff that have been adequately trained to do so.



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