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UoP Learning and Development Toolkit

What is the Learning and Development Toolkit?

Whatever your role or grade, this innovative online toolkit is packed with professional development materials designed to assist you in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of your job. Whether you are looking to develop your skills and performance, prepare for a PDR or source development opportunities which support personal reflection and Continuing Professional Development then the Learning and Development Toolkit is the place to look.
The resources are sub-divided into key themes including UoP specific initiatives to help inspire you. Alternatively if you’re looking for something in particular such as contributing effectively in meetings, problem solving or tips on how to motivate others you can use the search facility which will source all associated resources.
These resources are fully referenced, kept up to date and can be viewed on-line or printed off for your ease.

How it works

The wide range of resources is accessible directly from this welcome page, making the Learning and Development Toolkit both quick and easy to use.
Using the intuitive navigation, staff can quickly and simply find the tools and resources they require. The Toolkit features relevant, streamlined content, written by a team of experts and editors, making them easy for staff to both read and understand.
Each resource has a short description to ensure the user selects the right resource. Once selected, the complete document can be viewed online, or downloaded in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
All resources can be edited and adapted by the user. Such customisation is particularly useful for staff looking for tools they can quickly adapt for an internal audience.


•    24/7 learning and support – available whenever you need it at work or on the move
•    a wide range of practical resources designed to empower and develop you and your staff         
•    templates, resources, checklists, questionnaires – all fully downloadable and adaptable  
•    cost-effective on-demand learning
•    key areas covering Personal Skills Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Policies and Procedures
•    complements a blended learning approach and supports the University's events programmes
•    intuitive, easy to use system featuring simple navigation
•    download documents or read online, whatever your preference
•    no copyright, can top and tail documents and used for teaching

About the provider: GoodPractice

Set up over ten years ago, GoodPractice originally provided an online ‘Knowledge Bank’ for HR managers and trainers. GoodPractice then used their expertise to develop online learning solutions for leaders and managers. Today, the company provides support to over one million leaders, managers and employees throughout the UK and beyond.
As the learning landscape has changed so too has GoodPractice’s approach. As well as providing online toolkits, they now provide high quality learning resources across a range of different media, including e-learning, audio, video and mobile.