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Performance and Development Review (PDR).

We all benefit from taking time out to think about how our work is going and what we are trying to achieve. The PDR offers a chance to discuss your own thoughts and hear another perspective on your contribution to the department and University. Professional, honest conversations enable us to celebrate successes and discuss problems. Feedback provides us with information about what we are valued for and what we could improve on. Departments can plan better too, when they understand the unique skills and experience each person brings to their job. People are the most valuable asset the University has and providing the right support and development opportunities is critical to our success.

PDR documentation:

The PDR process, guidelines & paperwork
A blank PDR form

Completed example PDRs:

PDR Guidance and Support: Support for Reviewees

What will happen?

The PDR follows three stages:

1. Before any meeting takes place, you will have time for reflection. During this time you will hear from your department about its plans for the future. You will receive a review form and be asked to make notes about your work over the last year.

2. Your review meeting will look at your work over the last year. You will also have an opportunity to discuss and agree with your reviewer what you would like to achieve during the year ahead and what would help you to do this. The review form is designed to capture the main points from your discussion.

3. After the review, the paperwork will be kept confidentially. You, your reviewer and your Head of Department or Service will see your PDR paperwork. This is to make sure that the department uses the information that you have given to inform planning and support development opportunities. Your Head of Department or Service can then also raise issues with other parts of the University, such as central Staff Development providers.

What can I expect from my reviewer?

Your reviewer will be trained to carry out the review in a professional and positive way. They will read the information you send to them in advance and listen carefully to you when you meet. They will make sure that your achievements over the last year are noted, along with any difficulties or barriers you have faced. You can expect your reviewer to respect your conversation and treat it as entirely confidential, only the agreed outcomes of the meeting should be shared.

What will my reviewer expect from me?

Your reviewer will expect you to prepare for your review meeting and send them your notes in advance. They will expect to have a professional and constructive conversation with you about your work and areas of development or support. The review is a two-way conversation and you will be expected to contribute to planning your own objectives and development activities.

Preparing for your review meeting

In the review meeting & after the review

Additional guidance for academic/research staff

PDR Guidance and Support: Support for Reviewers

These pages aim to provide practical advice and guidance for Reviewers.

What should you be looking for in the PDR paperwork?

A template to help to collate your PDR outcomes

Providing feedback

Practical pointers when preparing to give effective feedback, both positive and negative. These tips can be applied across many phases of the performance management process, in particular the performance review discussion.

If you would like further support or guidance surrounding any aspect of your PDR you can contact either your HR Business Partner or Advisor

PDR Feedback

We'd like to hear your thoughts on how you think PDR has worked for you and any suggestions you may have to improve the process.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this online questionnaire:

Continuing Professional Development Records

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Annex A of the CPD Policy identifies the information that staff should keep in their personal record of development activity (or continuing professional development - CPD - record). The University has drafted a framework for staff to use (although where they are already using something similar eg for continuing membership of a professional body, they may continue to do so). The reflective element of the record remains confidential to the member of staff, their appraiser and their line manager (where their appraiser is not their line manager).

Purpose of CPD Records

The University uses CPD Records to:

  • Promote accurate identification of professional development needs, making full use of the appraisal process for this.
  • Ensure that staff record and reflect systematically on their development activities, to enable the learning acquired from these to be transferred to the workplace in a timely and effective way.
  • Gather and use for forward planning processes better data on development needs and on the totality of resources that are invested in staff development across the University.

Benefits to Staff

By keeping a personal record of development activity, staff will:

  • Be developing more reflective practice and identifying ways in which to work more effectively.
  • Be in a better position to make reasoned cases for further development activity.
  • Have up-to-date information readily to hand for up-dating their CVs and planning their careers.

An initial guidance note has been developed covering the above issues in more detail and offering some practical advice to staff on what to include in a CPD Record and how.

Suggested Framework for a CPD Record- All Staff Groups

Example CPD Records

The following examples illustrate the kind of activities that staff may wish to record, and how this might be done. However, they are only intended to demonstrate how the framework can be used. Each member of staff will make a judgement about what it is appropriate to record, and find a way of doing so that is comfortable and sustainable for them.

Example CPD Record- New Lecturer

Example CPD Record- Senior Lecturer A

Example CPD Record- Senior Lecturer B

Example CPD Record- Faculty Based Support Staff

Example CPD Record- Technical Staff