Human Resources

Learning and Development

Title of the Event

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)- making the right considerations

Target Audience

University staff involved in delivering policy, procedures of functions of the University            


Undertaking “due regard” is a requirement of the Equality Act 2010 Public Duty. How organisations do this is not dictated. UoP delivers this through undertaking of Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) on all policies, procedures or functions that impact on staff and students. This could be delivering a new student building or writing a external speaker policy for example. View this through the lens of equality and diversity allows us to look for possible negative impacts on particular group’s prior implementation and looking at ways of eliminating this impact prior to delivering a service or function.

The aims of the workshops are to:

  • Raise understanding of the need to undertake EIA
  • Explore considerations in undertaking EIA
  • Provide confidence in staff to undertake and EIA
  • Ensure EIA is undertaken on all policy, procedures and functions and that they have a positive impact on development and implementation

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the legal background to EIA
  • Understand the UoP process used for EIA
  • Be able to undertake and deliver an EIA on a policy, function or procedure

Pre-Event Preparation

Bring a piece of work you are or have been involved in that you will use to look at from an EIA perspective during this session.

Delegates should also make themselves familiar with the guidance found here:


This interactive workshop will include group activities and facilitation.


E&D Team – Dave Small/ Lesley Lee/Nicky Ansell

Session Length

3 hours