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Leading Others During Change

Session Outline:

This workshop focuses on how you as a leader can understand others during change and reflect on who you are as a leader of change.  It will explore what values drive your choices and behaviours and how your behaviours change when you meet conflict.  The session will use SDI (the Strengths Deployment Inventory) as a vehicle to explore your leadership behaviours and approach. The session will also look at how others react to change, and how best to support them through the change.

Target audience:

This workshop is available to all leaders and managers, in particular those who are either about to embark on a change initiative or are currently in transition.

The aims of the session are:

  • To reflect on who you are as a leader of change and how your behaviour changes when you face conflict.
  • To develop an understanding that everyone responds and deals with change differently.
  • Explore how to manage the emotional responses during change, including how to influence them.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Have gained a greater understanding of what motivates their behaviours and what their conflict triggers are.
  • Understand the emotional reactions from others during change.
  • A clearer understanding of why others may react emotionally.
  • Have some strategies/approaches to manage others during change.

This workshop supports the development of the following Leadership Attributes:

Empowering individuals, Developing teams, Responsive and agile


The event will be a combination of facilitation, group work and co-coaching.


Julia Carden Chartered FCIPD MSc, Carden Consulting Ltd

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