Human Resources

Leaving the University

Resigning from my job

If you are planning on leaving your role at the University, you are required to provide written notice of your intention to leave to your line manager, subject to the terms specified in your Contract of Employment or Letter of Appointment. The University standard notice periods for staff depend on the type of contract.

Before submitting your written notice of leaving to your line manager, you will need to consider the following: Leaving the University- Issues to Consider. You will also need to agree with your line manager your last paid day of employment at the University.

To prepare for leaving the University you should familiarise yourself with the Staff Leavers Procedures and Checklist.

Fixed-term contract employees - Core Role

If you are employed on a fixed term contract, HR will write to you as necessary before the end date of your contract and you will be given access to the redeployment module, which will enable you to apply for university vacancies before they are published to the wider audience.

Managing my retirement

If you are retiring from the University, you should bear in mind the guidance in Leaving the University- Issues to Consider.

If you intend to return to the University as either a paid employee or visiting staff member, please ensure that HR is advised of the details by your line manager.

If you are thinking about retirement and are a member or have previously been a member of one of the pension schemes offered by the University, our Pensions section provides links to the schemes’ websites and member portals where further information about retirement can be found.

General information about workplace pensions can be found on the UK Government website where you can also find information and advice about the State pension and pension entitlements.

If you have any queries which are not answered above, please email .

Changing my retirement or resignation plans

Providing that your line manager is in agreement, your final date of employment can be amended. Authorisation will need to be sent to to confirm the change.

Should you wish to withdraw your request to leave, please submit your request in writing to your line manager, who will initiate a discussion with you.


It is the aim of the University to seek to prevent situations arising which threaten job security. Redundancies will only be considered as a last resort. Further information on the University's policy and details of the redundancy process can be found in the Organisational Change, Redeployment and Redundancy Policy (OCRR).