Human Resources

Delivering team performance

Monitoring and managing individual and team performance.

Academic Workload planning

Academic Workload Planning is about planning future workloads for the next academic year, providing a broad overview of all activities undertaken by each member of staff.

Measuring and Monitoring Performance

The Performance and Development Review (PDR)- (for all staff) provides an opportunity to discuss your own thoughts and hear another perspective on your contribution to the department and University. Professional, honest conversations enable us to celebrate successes and discuss problems and feedback provides us with information about what we are valued for and what we could improve on. Departments can plan better too, when they understand the unique skills and experience each person brings to their job.

Managing Under-Performance Procedure (MUPP)

The Managing Under-Performance Procedure sets out how the University will manage employees whose performance has fallen below the standards expected. The primary objective is to help employees to improve performance to an acceptable level in line with the requirements of their role, as summarised in the job description, through support and guidance. The procedure also outlines the steps and actions to be taken in the event of failure to improve performance. FAQs are available for the Managing Under-Performance Procedure.

Disciplinary Procedure

The Disciplinary Procedure document sets out the procedure employees and their managers are required to follow in the event of disciplinary issues that arise at work. It provides a clear and transparent framework to address misconduct which may arise as part of the employment relationship. The Procedure ensures that issues are managed fairly and reasonably.