Human Resources

Ensuring team health, safety and wellbeing

Monitoring and managing team and employee health, safety and wellbeing, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Ill health, managing sickness absence and medical issues

  • Our Managing Sickness Absence page sets out the process both employees and their managers are required to follow in the event of absence from work due to sickness and the procedure when ill health/disability prevents effective performance of an employee’s duties. You can also download the Managing Sickness Absence Procedure.
  • The University’s Occupational Health Service provides advice to individuals and managers on work related health problems and health problems that can affect work. Our Occupational Health pages also contain information and advice on Mental Health. The Mindful Employer Charter is an initiative which the University of Portsmouth is signed up to, which works to increase awareness of mental health in the workplace.
  • The University provides an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) including Management Support  for staff through RehabWorks Ltd (Workplace Wellness). This service offers a free, confidential helpline which provides unlimited access to information, advice and support, and onward referral to telephone or face-to-face counselling where appropriate. The service is designed to help individuals deal with a range of problems, no matter how big or small, which may affect their personal lives or performance at work.

  For more information on the services and support available from the Employee Assistance Programme- RehabWorks Ltd (Workplace Wellness), visit:

  If you need to access the service when not logged into the University network, visit and log in using the username UPuser.

  • The Employee Alcohol and Drugs Policy covers both the use and misuse of alcohol or drugs that may impair an individual’s performance or affect their behaviour. The term ‘drugs’ has been used in this Policy to include all drugs and substances, legal or illegal, which adversely affect behaviour or performance.

Managing health and safety

The University considers that a strong health, safety and wellbeing culture together with a safe and secure environment are fundamental to its success. To find out more, visit the Health and Safety Policy webpage where you can download the Health & Safety Policy Statement and the Health & Safety Policy Organisation & Arrangements.

Travelling overseas on University business

Without exception, overseas travel must be formally approved in principle by the Head of Department and/or Line Manager. This is by means of authorised FIN1 (staff) or FIN30 (student). If the trip is being financed by an external organisation and therefore does not require a FIN1/ FIN30, authorisation from the Head of Department and/or Line Manager must still be sought. Please see the University Overseas Travel section for full information and guidance on the procedures for travelling overseas on University business.


  • The Dignity and Respect policy sets out the University’s commitment to delivering a working and learning environment of dignity and respect, free from harassment and bullying, ensuring we adhere to the Equality Act 2010. The Policy sets out the responsibilities of everyone in ensuring all feel valued and respected and are able to work and study in a discrimination-free environment that promotes equality of opportunity and where difference is valued and respected by all.

Family friendly entitlements

The University provides a wide range of Family Friendly entitlements * including information & guidance regarding Adoption/Maternity/Paternity Leave & Pay, Parental Leave, the Right to Request Flexible Working and Time-off for Dependants.

Recognising and dealing with issues

The following links provide useful information will help you to deal with unexpected situations in the workplace.

  • Fire Safety (inc Evacuation Procedure)
  • Managing health & safety is essential in creating a safe working environment
  • First Aid (inc Accident Reporting)
  • Reporting Faults or requesting maintenance
  • The term ‘whistleblowing’ is the disclosure of information by an employee or worker (see the definition in section 1 of the Whistleblowing Policy for a full definition of those individuals who come within these categories) which relates to some danger, fraud or other illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace.
  • Dignity and Respect policy- Dignity and respect is undermined by harassment and bullying. Both of these are regarded seriously and may be treated as grounds for disciplinary action. The University takes a zero tolerance approach towards harassment or bullying. It is also expects that dignity and respect towards others is demonstrated by all who work or study at the University.
  • Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints raised by a staff member with managers regarding working conditions or relationships with colleagues. It is clearly in the University’s and employee’s interests to resolve problems early before they escalate into major difficulties. You can download the Grievance procedure and FAQs.
  • The Investigation Guidelines document is designed to help employees and managers conduct effective investigations. When investigating an issue it is important to take care to deal with all parties in a fair and consistent manner. The nature and extent of an investigation will depend on the matter being investigated.

Support networks

The University provides a number of networks intended to support issues relating to harassment, bullying and intimidation in the workplace, or more general advice, counselling and guidance, available at any time of the day or night.

As part of the University's commitment to equal opportunities, the Equality and Diversity Unit has supported the development of a number of staff networks. These exist to allow staff from similar backgrounds to meet, network and discuss the issues that matter to them.

Advice on harassment, bullying and intimidation is provided through a trained Harassment Advisor Network.

Employee Assistance Programme

The University provides an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for staff through RehabWorks Ltd (Workplace Wellness). RehabWorks Ltd (Workplace Wellness) offers a 24-hour free, confidential telephone helpline which provides unlimited access to information, advice and support

Further advice and information

  • Find out all about the wide range of work carried out by the Equality and Diversity team within the University, covering all aspects of equality and diversity for both staff and students . As part of the University's commitment to equal opportunities, the Equality and Diversity Unit has created a number of staff networks. These exist to allow staff from similar backgrounds to meet, network and discuss the issues that matter to them.
  • The HR Business Partnering teams provide professional guidance and support for  individuals and managers across all HR policies and procedures across the University, with each team supporting different Faculties and Professional Services. They also provide advice on employment solutions and best practice / legislative advice.
  • The University Chaplaincy provides a quiet space for socialising, relaxing, reflection, thought, stillness and prayer. The Chaplains are trained to listen and be alongside people at the high and low points of life in a non-judgemental way. They work confidentially across the University and the service is open to all staff and students of all faiths and none.
*Internal only