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Guiding your team through change, and embedding new practices into business operations.

Organisational Change Policy: Redeployment and Redundancy (OCRR)

The Organisational Change Policy: Redeployment and Redundancy (OCRR) sets out the University’s approach to dealing with organisational change that may lead to a reduction in employee numbers, however, the approach is applicable to any form of organisational change, in particular, the sections on consultation and communication and the business case approval process.

Staff may be placed in redeployment for a variety of reasons, i.e. redundancy, end of fixed term contract, as a result of MSA, MUPP, Disciplinary process etc. The redeployment module has been created to allow all staff on the redeployment register direct access to all vacancies as HR receive them.

Staff placed in redeployment will have visibility of new vacancies and the opportunity to apply for them, before they are published on the recruitment website. If you have a member of staff who is being placed in redeployment, the Online Redeployment Guide- Applying for Vacancies (Candidates Only) will provide them with help and guidance on applying for vacancies.

Online Resources

  • Change is an ever-present and essential part of daily life, and the University is a constantly evolving organisation. While this can make it a dynamic and vibrant place to work, change needs to be managed effectively if we are to realise the benefits within the University. Delivering Successful Change presents a four-stage approach to planning, delivering and embedding change.
  • Whatever your role or grade, the Change Management section of the innovative online Learning & Development Toolkit is packed with professional development materials designed to assist you in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of your job.
  • The ACAS How to manage change advisory booklet can help line managers to manage major change more effectively.
  • The JISC Online Change Management Info-Kit was developed from a HEFCE (Higher Educational Funding Council for England) Good Management Practice Project led by the University of Luton (now the University of Bedfordshire) entitled ‘Effecting Change in Higher Education’. Please note: The JISC website states the content has been archived but the Info-kit can still be accessed and is still relevant. The project team consulted widely on aspects of change in the sector and put together theories, approaches and tools that resonated with them and with those they talked to about their experiences of the practical difficulties of managing change. 

Additional Support

  • The HR Business Partnering Teams provide professional guidance and support for individuals and managers on change issues.  Your HR Business Partner should always be consulted if you are considering a change initiative that will impact on our employees.
  • Our Occupational Health  department can advise and support where an individual’s health and well-being may be affected by change.
  • Our Internal Communications department can advise on any aspect of staff communications including communication plans for change initiatives. You may also be interested in these handy tips for communicating well with your team and your colleagues, for example, how to hold better meetings, planning your messages and relying less on email.