Human Resources

Recruitment and Selection and Visiting Academics (prevention of illegal working)

Help and information with recruiting employees to fill vacant positions in the team or inviting visitors to the University.

Recruitment and selection information

Our main Recruitment and Selection webpage provides information and guidance on the recruitment of staff at the University. The Recruitment Process flowchart describes the whole recruitment and selection process and the steps you need to follow.

Recruitment and Selection Training

Recruitment and Selection training is delivered in a modular style, allowing staff involved in the interview process to access the required modules in a timely manner.

Visas and immigration

Our Visas and Immigration Quick Reference Guide provides information and guidance on these areas.

Visiting Academics (prevention of illegal working)

The University has a legal responsibility to prevent illegal migrant working in the UK under the Asylum and Nationality Act 2014.

Our Visiting Academics pages provides information for those who wish to invite visiting academics and researchers, external visiting lecturers, external examiners and practice assessors to carry out activities (either paid or unpaid) for the University.

You can find information for non- EEA applicants working at or visiting the University of Portsmouth