Human Resources

Welcoming new team members

Developing and implementing induction programmes and managing probation for new team members.

Preparing for a new member of staff

How to organise a computer account for a new member of staff (this will also allow you to request telephone options, Electronic Document Management (EDM) access and a University Staff (Campus) card. Only nominated members of staff are able to request staff accounts.

Information and guidance on the University Staff card, including card information and replacing a lost card is available from the Information Services MyPort page.

Managing induction

Our Managing Induction page aims to support you in planning an effective induction programme for new members of your team for whom you have line-management responsibility. You will also find information on the Induction Checklist, a structured framework which includes a health and safety checklist, and a list of essential University policies that all staff should familiarise themselves with. 

Line managers should also complete a Training and Development plan for new staff and ensure that staff new to the University attend a Staff Induction Conference.

Managing probation

The probation period is intended to support staff in a new role and to highlight training and development needs or measures required to help them fulfil their new responsibilities.