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Salary scales

Your salary will be paid monthly in arrears on the last working day of each month (apart from December, when it is paid earlier) by credit transfer to your bank account. The University issues electronic payslips to staff which can be viewed on Employee Self Service (ESS). If you need to change the details of the bank account your salary is paid into, you must complete and submit a Change of Bank Account Details form.

You can download the University of Portsmouth current Salary Scales (August 2018) listing all spine points and grades. Progression to the top of your grade is by annual increment.

The Real Living Wage

The University has made a commitment to the real Living Wage set by the Living Wage Foundation. The current rate for the real Living Wage outside of London is £9.00 per hour. Posts paid at Grade 1 (Spinal Point 6) will receive a discretionary monthly Living Wage Supplement shown as a separate item on payslips. This additional payment is paid as a supplement and sits separate from, and does not form part of, our pay scheme. The supplement is pensionable. The Living Wage Supplement will be reviewed when the annual National Pay Award is published and may be varied or withdrawn if the Pay Award matches or exceeds the current real Living Wage rate.

Timesheets, claims and expenses

If you are a Part-time Hourly Paid (PTHP) member of staff time claims are required to be submitted within one month of the work taking place, and are made via Employee Self Service.

If you are a Casual member of staff, you will be paid on a monthly basis on the last working day in the month and you should complete a weekly timesheet showing the times worked and total hours to be paid for each day in the week (Monday to Sunday). This should be forwarded to your supervisor for approval and submission to the Payroll Office. Timesheets should include any claims for holiday.

All staff members should be reimbursed in full for all types of properly authorised expenses incurred in the course of the University’s business. The regulations and procedure for claiming expenses are described in the University’s Expenses Manual.

Each month, forms and claims must be submitted by the relevant Payroll deadlines*.

Reward & Recognition

Recognition Awards - Awarded to staff for exceptional performance.

Long Service Awards - The University formally recognises 25 and 40 years continuous service with the University in an annual Long Service Awards Ceremony. 


*Internal only