Human Resources

Managing my contract

The information below provides useful information and advice on aspects of your contract.

Changing my working pattern

All employees have the chance to request a change to their contractual terms and conditions of employment to work more flexibly, by making a Flexible Work Request, which is part of our range of family-friendly entitlements*. This could be a change to your working pattern, or perhaps the number of hours you work. It is important to note that this is the right to request a change only, and not the automatic right to actually change your pattern.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)checks

A DBS check is required for individuals are working in certain professions, or with children or vulnerable adults. The University’s Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for administering Disclosure and Barring Service checks with the UK Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), for staff where they are required for employment purposes, as dictated by UK legislation.

The HR department also administers DBS checks for staff who need to apply for a Research Passport.

Research Passports

A Research Passport is the mechanism for non-NHS staff (i.e Higher Education institution employees who have no contractual arrangement with the NHS) to obtain an Honorary Research Contract or Letter of Access when they propose to carry out research in the NHS.

Confirmation of Employment

If you require a letter to confirm your employment at the University, you must send an email from your University email account to giving details of the specific information you need to be included in the letter (such as length of employment, type of contract, salary, etc.) and whether you wish to collect the letter from HR in University House or for it to be sent to your work address via internal mail. We are unable to respond to requests sent from accounts other than your University email account.

Regrading my role

The National Framework Agreement, which has been in place at the University since 2005, recognises that every member of staff may request a review of their job/role. Best practice would suggest that you meet with your line manager in the first instance, to discuss what tasks and responsibilities you are required to undertake and which of these you believe require higher levels of competence and/or responsibility. If your manager doesn’t agree with your view, you can still request that your role is evaluated. 

You should follow the principles of the regrading an existing role*, and once you have your paperwork ready, send this to for evaluation. You will not be able to use the automated Job Evaluation Request Form. You may be contacted by a trained role analyst to gather more information if required. Your line manager will also be contacted as they will need to confirm that you are undertaking the work that you make reference to in your regrading request.

Information for staff about Brexit

The outcome of the UK’s EU referendum with the vote to leave the EU has major implications for the University. You can find information and support following the referendum vote at our webpage Information for staff about Brexit.

University Negotiating and Consultative Committe (UNCC)

"The University Negotiating and Consultative Committee (UNCC) is the forum for all consultation and negotiations at the University and comprises representatives from both management and trades unions."

The trades unions recognised by the University of Portsmouth are UNISON representing support staff and UCU representing academic and research members of staff.


* Internal only