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Information for Staff about Brexit


The UK’s EU referendum with the vote to leave the EU has major implications for the University. This webpage has been established to provide information and support to staff on the Brexit process as we learn more from the UK Government’s negotiations with the EU. 

Settlement Scheme for EU Citizens

On 21 June, the Home Office published details of a Settlement Scheme for EU Citizens and their family members living in the UK. To obtain their new UK immigration status they will need to demonstrate that they have been living continuously in the UK for five years to be granted settled status. EU citizens living in the UK for fewer years will be granted pre-settled status until the five year point is reached.

The application will essentially involve providing evidence under three categories: Identity - the applicant will need to prove their identity; Eligibility – the applicant will need to show that they live in the UK; and Suitability (Criminality) – the applicant will need to declare that they have no serious criminal convictions.

Following a phased introduction later this year, the Scheme will be fully open by March 2019. The deadline for applications is 30 June 2021.

The Government’s Statement of Intent gives further details of the Scheme including how the application system will work, the forms of evidence which will be needed and how status will be evidenced.

The Scheme has been designed to be user-friendly and to facilitate fast-track registrations; online applications and digital submission of the documentation will be possible. Reassurance has been given that the default position will be to grant rather than to refuse applications for settled status, and applications will only be rejected on particularly serious grounds.

The Settlement Scheme is subject to Parliamentary approval and further consultation is planned with stakeholders and employers regarding the details of the Scheme to ensure effective implementation.

Useful Information

The links below give more information on the implications of Brexit:

 In providing this guidance the University is in no way advocating any particular course of action nor endorsing any external website. We are providing these resources as we understand that staff who may be affected by the future exit of the UK from the EU, want to have as much information and support in relation to all possible options. Independent immigration advice can be sought if you feel it is necessary.

University Contact Details

The email address has been set up in order to deal with queries related to the impact of Brexit on staff employed by the University. If you have a question or issue, please send it to our dedicated email address and a member of the HR team will get back to you by phone or by email.

If staff or students experience racism or harassment connected with Brexit, this should be reported and dealt with under the University’s Dignity and Respect Policy. All staff are encouraged to appropriately challenge inappropriate behaviours and raise concerns with managers so these can be dealt with.