Human Resources

Compliments Select Voucher Code

All eligible staff will receive a compliments select code for the value of £100 each with the tax paid by the University. This is a token of thanks from the University Executive Board for the hard work of staff in the past year to achieve continued success for the University.

On 12 December 2017, an email was sent to your address from The email contains information about Compliments Select and a code that you need to redeem to select your gift cards. You will be able to choose gift cards from a wide range of high street and online retailers, including supermarkets.

If you wish to donate your compliments voucher to charity, please use your code to obtain gift cards that can be donated to your local food bank or charity shop.  

If you have a problem with your voucher code and it is not working, please contact: ‚Äč


All substantive staff employed in the University are eligible for the staff voucher provided that they have been continuously employed by the University since 1 April 2017 and are employed at 1 November 2017.    

Variable hours and fixed term PTHP staff are eligible if they also meet a minimum earnings threshold of £2,000 between October 2016 and October 2017.  

Eligible staff includes those on paid and unpaid maternity/adoption or other family friendly leave; on long-term sickness absence, including those on nil pay; seconded out of the University with University agreement; and seconded into the University from outside bodies under formal contract terms e.g., chaplains and pharmacy teacher practitioners.

If after 12 December, you have not received a voucher code and consider that you do meet the above criteria, please email our dedicated address  

Finally, there are still some staff who have not redeemed their voucher from 2016 and have recently been reminded to do so.  The deadline for redemption of the December 2016 voucher has been extended to the end of May 2018. If you received a reminder after you have redeemed your card from 2016, please take no further action.