Human Resources


A job functional assessment is essentially a comparison of the requirements of a job with the capability of an employee to fulfil that role.  This will have been recommended by Occupational Health (OH) where there is reduced capability for medical reasons, with or without adjustments to that role already being in place.

There are various factors which may inform how the assessment is conducted:

Nature of role

Location of role

Working pattern etc

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to these assessments.  Usually it is helpful to use the job description as a guide to ascertain the various tasks that comprise a job role and then measure to what degree that task is able to be completed by the employee.

This can be done by observing, for example, how easy is it for a Caretaker to walk up and down the stairs of a building when they may be suffering with reduced mobility or by a discussion with a Lecturer about what percentage of their teaching load can be carried out where they might be affected by feelings of stress.

The information can then be fed back to OH by management and may help us advise on future appropriate support, adjustments or management of the employee.

It may be helpful for managers to talk through how to conduct a particular job functional assessment with OH.  Please ring ext 3187 to speak to the OH Nurse for your area if necessary.