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Stress information for managers:

Please use the links below for current guidance on managing stress in the workplace:

From January 2014 Management Information Briefings will be run monthly by Occupational Health staff on Managing Stress in the Workplace.  

Please see the following link to view further information on this training.


Workplace Stress Risk Assessment

Workplace Stress Risk Assessment form

Employee Work Stress Awareness tool

Employee Work Stress Awareness tool


University Policy

Managing Work Related Stress Policy


Stress the Positive - a training event available to all University staff


However much you may feel that stress has become a feature in your life, there are ways to build your personal resilience and deal with negative stress positively! This workshop aims to improve participants' understanding of stress, common causes and symptoms - as well as how they personally react to it.  It is based upon recognition of how undue stress in our personal and working lives impacts on how we feel and how our our health can be affected.

The workshop aims to explore some behaviours such as poor lifestyle and sleep hygiene which may contribute to our feelings of stress.  It looks at the role of counselling and other sources of help and support as well as finding realistic coping strategies.  A relaxation session using breathing techniques concludes the event.

The aims of the workshop are:

 To explore the concept, sources and symptoms of stress;

  • To provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on how they personally experience, and currently deal with stress
  • To introduce coping strategies and look at ways of building resilience
  • To offer advice on how to reduce stress levels through the use of physical, mental and breathing techniques


The workshop combines tutor input with group discussion and practical activities.  The relaxation sessions will teach some simple breathing techniques that aid relaxation.

Presenters:  Occupational Health Nurses

                      Occupational Health Physician

                      University Chaplain

What participants said about their reasons to attend Stress the Positive

  • To find the strength to use my voice and not be drowned out by others.
  • As I have little control over life, how can I cope with daily ups and downs without cracking up?
  • Perspective.
  • To recognise stress in self and others.

What participants said about the changes they made after attending Stress the Positive

  • I’m working on making sure work does not get the better of me and being more assertive with my manager.
  • I have attempted to not let things bother me as much, a key thing I learnt was you can’t change other people, you need to learn to manage the feeling and reaction you get from that person and channel the outcome differently.
  • Being more aware of how my actions are taken as well as being more mindful to others.
  • Trying to think more positively about myself, in both work and home. To actively build more self-confidence in myself

The event will be running on the following dates from 9.15am - 4pm approximately and will include lunch and refreshments:


Dates to be confirmed


Relaxation Podcasts from EAP

Relaxation session podcast - Introduction - from EAP [Acrobat (.pdf) - Wed, 16 Mar 2016 16:40:00 GMT]

5 minute relaxation session podcast - from EAP [Acrobat (.pdf) - Wed, 16 Mar 2016 16:42:00 GMT]

30 minute relaxation session podcast - from EAP [Acrobat (.pdf) - Wed, 16 Mar 2016 16:43:00 GMT]