Human Resources

Occupational Health Service

Role of Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Service is available to provide confidential advice and support on any health issues.  A Referral from Line Management will be necessary.

Issues for which Occupational Health can be contacted include:

  • Health assessments for all new staff, with follow-up advice as appropriate.
  • Ergonomic advice/workstation assessment where there are health problems.
  • Health assessment/medical for any staff driving on University business (only required for minibuses or vans)
  • Advice regarding counselling
  • Health surveillance for designated workers.
  • Health Promotion
  • Support for first aiders
  • Advice for those travelling abroad on University business - via the Occupational Health website or in person if vaccinations are required.
  • Arrangement of early eyesight test if required for health reasons - via referral from line manager.
  • Advice on rehabilitation following sickness absence, regardless of how short term, if an employee is in need of support or advice or management are concerned.

We also work with the Health and Safety team to help identify hazards in the working environment, advise on aspects relating to Health and Safety legislation and follow up all work related accidents.

Occupational Health should always be contacted:

  • Immediately following an accident at work involving an incident with sharps or contamination with body fluids via the University Sharps Hotline ext 3171.
  • Where there is a health problem, which may have been caused by or exacerbated by work or that is affecting work. 
  • Prior to returning to work following sickness absence of longer than four weeks.  
  • If an employee has diarrhoea and vomiting for more that 24 hours (staff involved in food preparation).
  • Where there is a health condition that is likely to be covered by current disability legislation and adjustments to workplace/duties/hours etc may be required.