Human Resources

Pay, reward and benefits

This section provides information about grading of roles, employee benefits and pensions.

Employee benefits

Information about the range of benefits and entitlements available to current members of University staff. This is also available under My Role.


Information and links to the three pension schemes available to University employees, the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TP) and the National Health Service Pension Scheme (NHS).

Life Insurance

The three main occupational pension schemes (TP, LGPS and NHS) provide death in service cover to members for three times their salary. In order to support staff who have decided to opt out of the occupational pension schemes, the University has put in place equivalent life insurance cover. Staff covered by this policy will be contacted in writing.

For further details about the policy cover, and terms and conditions, please refer to the Registered Policy Schedule, Registered Policy Wording and Registered Policy Technical Guide.

If you have opted out of one of the occupational pension schemes because you have reached the Lifetime Allowance, please refer to the Excepted Scheme Policy Schedule, Policy Wording and Policy Technical Guide. Please note, you will need to contact the HR department by emailing with a copy of the HMRC certificate to confirm Lifetime Allowance protection, before this cover can be provided.

Group Life cover is provided by the University on a discretionary basis. The provision of the cover will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Grading of Roles

The University is committed to equal pay for work of equal value for all employees and ensures compliance with the Equal Pay and the Equality Act 2010. Trained role analysts within HR, evaluate the level of responsibility and competence required to do each job using the HERA job evaluation scheme. For more information, please refer to the Grading of roles* pages.

Modernising Pay & Reward

*Internal only