Human Resources

PTHP lecturer employment (PTHPs 'on the bank' and the online recruitment system)

PTHP lecturers are paid for periods of actual tuition and certain specified additional non-teaching duties, such as staff meetings where the lecturer is required to attend.

Find out the Cost of Employment (COE) figures * for PTHP roles. Part-time lecturing staff should prepare a scheme of work to be followed for the duration of the course, carry out enrolment duties and record registration of student attendance.

An ‘offer to bank’ email is sent to PTHP lecturers who have applied to work for a particular faculty or faculties. This is not a contract of employment and does not guarantee them work with the University. Their details will be held by the faculty or faculties to which they have applied and they will be contacted directly when work arises.

PTHP Lecturers (PTHPs) on the bank require a minimum of two references which cover the past three years of employment before they can be called to work. HR request references and send one email reminder, it is then the department’s responsibility to chase any outstanding references and/or obtain consent to contact referees.


* Internal only