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Visiting Staff (from another institution) and the prevention of illegal working


This section provides information and guidance on the process of academic or research staff from another instituition visiting the University of Portsmouth.

What do I need to consider?

There is currently a maximim time-limit of 5 years for a Visiting Professor.

What do I need to do?

In the case of an application from a current academic or researcher at another University

The individual must submit a CV and covering letter from the proposer within their University to the relevant Dean at UoP. The Dean at UoP to make recommendation to Vice-Chancellor (VC) at UoP and the VC should then seek advice from the Director of Research and two other Professors.

The duties of the Visiting member of staff need to be clearly defined and must entail visiting the University of Portsmouth to undertake teaching and/or research. There must be a clear agreement regarding intellectual property rights.

For applications from all other potential visiting academic or research staff (not from a University)

As above but the VC at UoP to seek three references – of which two may be from persons recommended by the potential appointee. On occasion, an interview may be conducted.

There is no renumeration for these positions but travelling expenses can be reimbursed and no contract is issued but a confirmation of acceptance must be requested.

What else do I need to know?

The Prevention of illegal working (visiting academic or research member of staff from another Institution)

The University has a legal responsibility to prevent illegal working in the UK under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. We may be liable for a civil penalty if we employ someone who does not have the right to undertake the work in question. We have a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before inviting them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work. For the purposes of the Act, the same checks must be carried out for visiting academics and researchers before they undertake any activities for the University.

Full information is available on the Right to Work check for visiting academics and researchers, external visiting lecturers, external examiners and practice assessors (either paid or unpaid). 

Our Visiting Academics: Prevention of Illegal Working section provides information and guidance on this area. If you have any queries on the prevention of illegal working, please contact the University Compliance Adviser, Lorrie Johnson on ext. 8563 or email 

How do I get help?

Use this help form to get in touch (please note that you need to be logged into your UoP staff email account to access this form).