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Promotion and Appointment to Reader and Professor


This guidance provides an overview of the process for preparing and evaluating applications to Reader and Professor (including honorary, visiting and emeritus positions), and providing feedback to applicants.

The University awards the title and appoints an individual as Reader or Professor on the basis of exceptional performance and externally-recognised distinction. The process applies only to Reader and Professor, and not to other grading activity under Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA). The award is made by the Vice-Chancellor who will take advice from Faculty and University Promotions Committees, internal and external assessors, and referees.

Professors are banded according to the level at which they are working and their contribution to the University. Band 1 will normally be for both internal and external candidates promoted or appointed to Professors. Band 2 is the appropriate Band for Professors who are able to demonstrate academic standing and distinction that is significantly greater than that required for promotion or appointment to Band 1. Band 3 is for the small number of professors who are able to demonstrate and sustain an unusually highly-accomplished track record of academic achievement and leadership.

Both Readers and Professors are expected to make a full contribution to all aspects of University activity.

Who does this apply to?

Promotion to Reader or Professor is based on the applicant demonstrating evidence across a range of attributes of academic leadership and citizenship. In addition, a successful candidate will have demonstrated evidence of excellence in at least one of enterprise and innovation, research, teaching and education, or across a combination of areas.

Both full-time and part-time staff are eligible to apply for promotion.

The normal expectation is that professorial applications will only come from people who are already Readers. However, if an applicant feels that this normal route is not appropriate in their case they should consult with their Head of Department (or equivalent) and/or Dean.

What do I need to consider?

The attributes applicants will be expected to demonstrate and evidence are described in the Promotion and Appointment to Reader and Professor policy.

What do I need to do?

Those considering making an application must read and familiarise themselves with the Promotion and Appointment to Reader and Professor policy.

You should also consult with your Head of Department (or equivalent) and must consult with the Dean of your Faculty. Non-faculty based staff holding academic contracts should consult with their line manager about the most appropriate faculty through which to submit their application.

Once you have done this, you must apply using this application form and nomination form.

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All applications must conform to the 2018-2019 academic promotions round key dates and deadlines:

Readers and Professorial Band 1 

Week beginning 12 November 2018                                                      

Individual emails to all academic staff informing them of the dates for the promotion round 

Midnight Friday 21 December 2018

Closing date for applications

By 11 January 2019

HR send applications electronically to Deans for information.

By 11 January 2019

HR requests an evaluative statement from Heads of Department

By 25 January 2019

Head of Department provides evaluative statements

February 2019

First Faculty Promotion Committees:






February to April 2019

Assessors and referees requested by HR as agreed with Faculty Promotion Committees

April/May 2019

Second Faculty Promotion Committees:






June 2019

University Promotion Committee – Readers

June 2019

Professorial Interview Panels

July 2019 Publication of successful readers and professors and all contractual changes

Professorial Bands 2 and 3  

11.59pm Sunday 31 March

Closing date for applications

9.00pm-1.00pm Monday 24 June

University Promotion Committee 

What else do I need to know?

The University recommends that all potential applicants read the full Promotion and Appointment to Reader and Professor policy before proceeding with their application.

How do I get help?

Use this help form to get in touch.