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Printed material

The Corporate Communications team oversee the production, design and print of University publications and promotional materials. To ensure we project a consistent, cohesive and professional image across all our publications, it is important that all materials adhere to the corporate identity. A strong corporate identity differentiates us from other institutions and helps to create recognition of the University of Portsmouth.

We also offer a cost effective and efficient service via our in-house copywriters, designers and print service.

See the Corporate Identify Guidelines for more information.

We understand the University’s many audiences and can suggest the most effective channel, message and tone of voice to get your message across to meet your particular needs. We advise on format, content and schedule, provide printing quotes, write and copyedit text, thoroughly proofread all text and oversee the printing and delivery. If any new photography is required, we can organise this or select suitable pictures from our extensive photo archive. We can also give advice on using the University logo and on other corporate identity issues.

What to do next

If you are interested in producing some printed material, consider the following steps and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Purpose and objective: What is the intended outcome or call to action for the publication?

Audience: Who is the publication aimed at? What do they need to know?

Messages: What are the key things your audience needs to know?

Deadline: When do you need this by? Is it needed for an event? Consider our approximated timescales below.

Cost: What is your budget?

Distribution: How will this be distributed?

Media: Do you need to spend money on printed material or can you communicate your message through other channels, such as web or email?


Our standard timescales are six - eight weeks from receipt of your text to printed copies, depending on the complexity of the job and volume of work. Busy times of the year, such as the summer months in preparation for the start of term, will result in longer timescales. You should use this as a guide to planning your work. For longer publications, or if new photography or a completely new design is required, then this process may take longer but we will advise.


We can provide an estimate of design and printing costs. Contact us for more information.

Who to contact

For all material for internal audiences, such as staff and current students, email for student communication and for staff communication or contact Sarah Avison or Eva Sanchez-Turro.

For all material for external audiences, such as potential students, applicants, business or community email or contact Tracy Hunt.

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