Marketing and Communications

Social media

The purpose of these guidance pages is: 

  • to encourage good practice
  • to protect the University, its staff and students
  • to clarify where and how existing policies and guidelines apply to social media
  • to promote effective use of social media as part of the University's activities

These guidelines apply to you if you’re a University of Portsmouth employee creating or contributing to any kind of social media which uses the University’s name including: blogs, wikis, social networks, forums and virtual worlds. This encompasses Twitter, Wikipedia and Facebook and other sharing sites such as Flickr, YouTube and also all other social media activity, including personal blogs that identify you as an employee of the University of Portsmouth or discuss University of Portsmouth activities.  Students are also reminded to be mindful of the regulatory requirement to not bring the University into disrepute.

The University expects all who participate in social media on behalf of University of Portsmouth to understand and to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so could put your future participation in social media activity on the behalf of the University at risk. These guidelines do not apply if you are using social media in purely a personal capacity. As new technologies and social networking tools emerge, these guidelines will evolve and it is your responsibility to check this information regularly if you contribute to social media as a member of University of Portsmouth staff.