Marketing and Communications


Responsibility for the maintenance of a social media channel rests with its creators/administrators. Ultimately, what you write as a member of University staff is your responsibility. Please respect your involvement with social media and treat it seriously.  

The University does not have a written policy on academic freedom. However, staff who are engaged in research and scholarship are free to speak to appropriate media about their disciplines, but may not comment on overall University policy or any issue relating to the management of their discipline by the University.

Staff who are engaged in research and scholarship are encouraged to publish in their specialist media, both academic and professional. Such staff should inform their Head of Department and are strongly encouraged to contact the Press Office if contacted by or considering publishing in other media.

Staff who are not engaged in research and scholarship should not communicate directly with any external media without approval from the Press Office.

Don’t write anything on a social media network as a University employee that could impact negatively on the image of the University from the outside. Remember that nothing shared via social media is 100% private and anything you say in an official capacity may reflect on the University.

Managers should consider resource for social media – how much time should a staff member devote? – and remember it’s one of many ways of communicating and the University’s core business should not suffer if any social media engagement becomes a diversionary activity.

If a channel/page is no longer relevant, has resulted in very little engagement or there is insufficient resource to maintain it, it should be deleted or made non-public.

If you have a personal account on a social media network already, and you are using your job title or referring to your role at the University, we would expect your behaviour to be mindful of your professional responsibilities.

If you do have a University-related Twitter, YouTube account, Facebook group or Flickr etc then please let Marketing and Communications know This is so that we can help you to use your presence effectively and ensure that activity is not being needlessly replicated. Your activities may also help and inform us as well. For example we can set up to retweet other Twitter accounts from specific areas of the University to the main corporate Twitter account.