Marketing and Communications

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Sara Denham

11-16 Manager: Recruitment and Outreach

Marketing and Communications


Sara’s role is to lead and manage the Recruitment and Outreach team that coordinate and deliver of a range of activities on and off the University campus such as assemblies, workshops and residential summer schools, that aim to inspire young people in schools across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight about the opportunities available to them post compulsory education.  The team regularly attend school parent and career option evenings, produce resources for pupils and teachers as well as working closely with undergraduate student ambassadors and mentors.

Having graduated as a mature student in 2001, Sara has held roles in both further and higher education for the past 12 years.  With experience of leading, managing and supporting a variety of widening participation projects and collaborative partnerships, Sara has represented the University on a number of local, regional and national steering groups and other committees including Aimhigher, Hampshire Universities WP Group, HELOA, 14-19 Consortia and SWPPN.
Sara has also been a school governor for more than ten years.  In 2006 she was one of a team of four that were invited to Moscow by the Russian Education Department to help prepare papers on School Governance for the St Petersburg G8 summit.

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